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Torque Limiters

Abel Transmission carries torque limiters that take on any load

Autogard Autogard has proudly manufactured reliable, high quality torque limiters since the 1930's.
Browning Browning torque limiters help prevent machine and product damage by determining the overload setting and reengaging when the overload condition subsides.
Dalton The Dalton "OSD" is a torque-limiter unit which prevents costly breakdowns when equipment is overloaded, by disengaging when a set maximum load is reached.
Dodge Flexidyne by Dodge is a mechanical soft start device that uses steel and stainless steel shot as a medium to transit torque.

Dodge The Dodge Torque-Tamer is a protective device that is designed to slip when overloaded, thus protecting the valuable reducer and other components in the drive train.

Morse Morse's compact and durable torque limiters automatically reengage the drive when the overload condition subsides.

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